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Solitaire game is a popular entertainment for Everyone. Solitaires relax us, allow you to get rid of all stress. Great fun is also included. The patience can by played by anyone - there are no age restrictions, etc. In our set of solitaires you can find great games for You. Solitaires are most popular online games but still many people play in a classical way. Solitaires conquered the hearts of the people, and despite the passing years are still on top. If you have never played in solitaire give it a try, and if your fan of this game play as long as You want :)

Many new types of solitaire game have been created since the game was invented. Each player has own preferences and can choose among many variations of solitaire. Klondike, Spider, FreeCell and Golf are in the group of the most popular types of solitaire.

The most popular solitaire games

Pyramid Solitaire


Great solitaire game where you must count to 13.

TriPeaks Reserve

solitaire games

The best tri peaks solitaire game online.

Spider Solitaire

solitaire online

The most popular solitaire game online.

Online Solitaire

solitaire game

Play on very good online solitaire game.

Miss Milligan Solitaire

online solitaire

One of the best solitaire games on the Internet.

Klondike Solitaire requires 52 cards (one deck). The aim is to build four foundations from Ace to King.

Spider Solitaire is told to be the favourite game of another famous solitaire fan- Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It is a more difficult version of Klondike Solitaire. This type of patience uses two decks and the object of this type is to create eight sets of the same colour from King to Ace.

FreeCell Solitaire is a combination of Klondike and Spider. You may drop some useless cards on one of the four free cells. The problem is you need to control the time.

Although the rules of another type of patience- Golf Solitaire are very clear, this kind of game is quite hard to win. The player uses two decks of cards, one of them is covered. The object is to uncover one card from the covered deck and find a card one point higher or lower in the second pile. You win if you use all cards from the uncovered deck.

Another type of solitaire games, which can be found on our website is TriPeaks solitaire. This type of solitaire games is very popular for beginners. TriPeaks is a great fun. You should put the cards on the stack. The rule is: less than or greater than a notch currently located on the stack.

These are only few types of solitaires we have to offer. From time to time, new implementations of known solitaire game types entirely new types are put on our page. TriPeaks is a relatively new variant of solitaire In comparison to spider solitaire. Once in a while new types of solitaire game will appear on our page. So, you are invited to regularly visit our website. Don’t miss any opportunities to visit us.

Nowadays, when we use computers and internet, it is even easier to play solitaire. You don’t need any real cards so it is very convenient. There is no need to shuffle- all you have to do is to think and click.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time and play now!