Ancient Civilizations Solitaire

Ancient Civilizations Solitaire is a solitaire game with modern graphic and rules slightly different than in the classic solitaires. If you know what is "Blackjack", you know how to play on this solitaire game, bacause The Ancient CivilizationsSolitaire is very similar to Blackjack. In the Ancient CivilizationsSolitaire you must removed from the board all the cards, and to do this - you must combine them in pairs that the sum of the mesh was 13th. Cards have values:

- As - one
- 2 - 10 - values ​​of the mesh
- Jack - eleven
- Queen - twelve
- King - thirteen (he don’t have to got a pair!)

It would seem that the search for pairs with a sum of 13 is very simple, but the cards on the board are superimposed on each other. Although you can see all the cards but you can’t freely choose them from the board, because you can only combine to pairs those cards which aren’t blocked by other cards. If nothing can be done with the cards on the board, you can choose the card from the pile in the upper left corner. If this card doesn’t fit well - click twice times on it and on the pile appears next card.

Ancient Civilizations Solitaire is a multi-stage game, so a lot of fun is waiting for you. However, t each stage of this solitaire game is limited in time - time you can see in the lower left corner. If you want to pause the game just must click PAUSE button. Next to this button, you can see the menu and switches of sounds and music. On the left side of the PAUSE button you can see level, which you play and the amount of points.

The interesting issue may be a special box in the upper right corner. This field is used to store any card which you want. It the Ancient Civilizations Solitaire we have another interesting option which name is SHUFFLE. SHUFFLE button is located at the middle, on top of the screen. This option allows mix cards, but you can use it only 2 times.

It's everything about options and rules of the Ancient Civilizations Solitaire . I hope that everything is bright and you want to play with us. Also I hope that you recommend this solitaire game for your loved ones and friends. Ancient Civilizations Solitaire is a really great entertainment and fun, so if you have a spare time you must play on this solitaire game with us. I'm sure you will not regret this decision. Good luck!