Beleaguered castle solitaire

Beleaguered castle , as You already know is a difficult and time consuming sort of solitaire game. It requires great deal of patience, but that doesn't change the fact that this solitaire definitely has something interesting to offer. To start playing, press the „PLAY” button and the table will appear. In the middle of the table there is a base card – Ace – and uncovered cards on the left and on the right of the Ace. The Player has to stack cards on the base card in ascending order, from Ace to King. However, to do this, You have to take a good look at the arrangement of the cards, because the main rule of this solitaire game is to stack cards in descending order, but the new thing is that they can be moved regardless of their colour. This means that You can place any colour on red or black (for example hearts on diamonds, spades or clubs). Another new thing is that You can move only one card placed on the edge. But don't get discouraged – You can use the „UNDO” option as many times as You want. You are being timed, try not to think about it though. Focus on your goal or just relax and enjoy this interesting, yet difficult and time consuming solitaire game. Good luck!

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