Blitz 21 solitaire

Blitz solitaire is a sort of game, in which a 52-card deck is used. Every face card has a value of ten points, Ace has a value of eleven points and the other cards from 2 through 10 have their indicated value. You have to get the total of twenty one points in the column or in the row. If the total in the column or in the row will be higher than twenty one, the column turns red and the Player loses one of his points (the text „-1 EARNED” will appear on the board on the right). The Player earns points only by completing exactly twenty one points. The solitaire game ends if 500 seconds time expires, if all the cards in the deck are used or if all the fields on the board are filled in and there is no possibility to put another card. If the Player earns five points, he or she automatically gets through to the next level. This solitaire requires the ability to count quickly, yet to make it easier, You can see your current total in the columns and rows on the edge of the board.