Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe

Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe is the perfect entertainment for large and small. If you like solitaire games in three peaks version that our proposal is made for you. In Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe is waiting for you a few interesting and addictive levels, which will allow you to kill boredom and relaxation.

Rules of Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe are the same as in the classic versions of three peaks solitaire games - namely at the bottom of the screen you will find the base card on which you lay solitaire. At the base card must draw cards from the board, but only those that are discovered and in accordance with the principle that the card is placed face up a notch higher or lower than that which currently is on the top of the base. And that's the whole philosophy of playing Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe

What else should you know about playing Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe? Important is the fact that each played boards is limited in time, and time can be viewed in the upper right corner. In the upper left corner you can preview a number of points. At the top you have a bar which is a counter of bonus points - bonus increases when you quickly putting another card on the base.

Several major option in Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe is also on the bottom of the screee. There you can find: How play the game, then you switch sounds in the game, then Messenger games, start a fresh level, and finally we have exit the menu. When the time runs out to you the game will be over, but don't worry about it too much, because later in the menu you can select the board, in which you ended the game.

So it's everyting abou terms, rules and game options in Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe . I think that everything is clear and you will not have any problems with the transition of all the available missions in this solitaire game. I hope that Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe will provide you many pleasant moments, and a great deal of relaxation.

Have a great fun!