Fortune Solitaire

Fortune Solitaire is a simple card game. By pressing the „NEW GAME” button You can start playing it. In this solitaire game the Player has to reorder the deck by suits, beginning with an Ace and ending with a King in each suit. You have to put cards one by one by the correct order: by the face values of the cards and by suits (spades on spades, hearts on hearts...). In the beginning You have to place Ace on the empty field. If You can't find an Ace, to keep the game going, try to find the right card on the table or click the covered card on your left until the right card in solitaire appears. Then place the card on the upper pile. If You remove the card from one of the piles on the table, You can uncover the next card on this pile. You can take a move back in this solitaire game. You can also chose the level: „easy” or „hard”. You are timed online when playing, which can be a real challenge and help You to improve your logical thinking ability. It also allows You to register your score online. This solitaire game certainly won't bore You. Enjoy and good luck!