Frantic Farm Solitaire

You can find different types of solitaire on the web - some classic, some modern. An example of this modern solitaire is the Frantic Farm Solitaire. It is a simple solitaire, where you can choose the card so the sum of the mesh gave the 11th. Take the cards from ace to ten, there are no jacks, queens or kings, there's a joker, which can by used to get 11 witht any oder card. The cards add up to 11 are removed from the board. The goal is to remove all cards from the board and collect as many points as You can.

As for the aggregation of up to 11 cards have a classic values such as numbers assigned to them. You can add up any number. With the technical issues it is worth knowing that in the upper left corner you can turn off the music and sounds in the game. Next to these switches You can view the amount of points accumulated. At the bottom of the screen, in the left corner we have a clock that keeps time on the move. After this time when nothing was done one card will be auto-chosen from the stack on the left side of the screen. In the upper right corner there is a pause switch.

If you run out of cards, the game will end. Unfortunately, the farmer fails to collect the harvest. However, I think you give advice and will help Frantic on his farm. Frantic Farm Solitaire is really child's play, but full of fun and relax. iT is also educational game ideal for children.

That is the way to play it. Read the rules and play Frantic Farm Solitaire . I hope you’ll like the game. This is a really simple solitaire, noone should have problem with it. Since Frantic Farm Solitaire is a modern, solitaire, it raises a particular interest and has already a big fan base. Maybe you’ll join them? Have fun!