Freecell Solitaire

FreeCell solitaire is among the best known patience games in the world. It is a combination of Spider solitaire and Klondike solitaire.
That is why you need to have some experience to win it. There are four base cells where you need to place Aces first. The object is to arrange four clusters starting with Ace in ascending order. All cards in one cluster need to be the same color. Card that has already been put on a cluster cannot be removed. If you put Ace on a base, you get 60 points. For placing next cards you get points according to the power of the card you put. There are also eight piles of cards that cannot be placed on bases yet. They are all uncovered and you are able to move them to other piles according to some rules. You can move a card to another card in descending order (from King to Ace). Like in Klondike solitaire, you need to arrange cards alternately (you need to change colors). Four empty cells, called free cells, are the new element. That is where the name of this kind of patience came from. Free cells are cells you can put cards that are useless on. These cells are signified by F. The player can deposit only one card at a time. When a card placed on one of the free cells is needed, you can simply take it. The problem is you need to pay for placing cards on free cells. Every occupied F space decreases the number of points you get for putting cards on bases. Even if you remove a solitaire card from a free cell quickly, you don’t get your points back. You can also move cards from one of eight piles to another pile but the number of movable cards depends on the number of empty free cells- you simply add 1 to the number of empty free cells you have. For instance, when you have two empty F fields, you can move 2+1 cards together. If you don’t have any empty free cells, you can move only one card at a time. Another new element is that when you move all cards from one of the eight piles, you can place every card you choose on the empty space you got. In FreeCell nothing happens automatically. You need to move everything so you lose your precious time. There are only 600 seconds to finish. When the time passes, you fail. So hurry up if you want to win!