Gaps Solitaire

Gaps solitaire is a famous solitaire game, in which whole deck is being used. As the name says, it is a game with the use of gaps or holes. After taking Aces from these places, You have to fill them with the following cards, higher than those before the gap. For example: there is a five of spades before the gap, so the adequate card to place in the gap is six of spades. If the gap appears after six of spades, You have to use seven of spades for the gap. However, if the gap appears after a King, there is no card the Player can put in it. In that case the gap becomes inactive. If the gaps appear after all the Kings, You can only shuffle the cards. To to this, click “SHUFFLE” in the upper right corner of the board. The best strategy is to create gaps in the first place of each row. You have to place twos in these gaps and then the following solitaire cards. This arrangement remains after the Player shuffles the deck. The gaps appear after the sequences of cards. If You are not able to find the card You are looking for, just place cursor in the empty gap and the card will appear enlarged on the deck. The Player loses 100 points for every moved card and 10000 every time he shuffles the deck. You lose the game when you run out of points (usually after shuffling four times). If You manage to arrange all cards, You win. Emjoy this wonderful solitaire game. Good luck!