Golf Solitaire Pro

Golf Solitaire Pro is a very cool solitaire game that should appeal to both younger and older fans of or site. Golf Solitaire Pro takes us on a golf course in Scotland, but don't be afraid we won't play golf, but of course in this solitaire version and three spades.

Golf Solitaire Pro as befits the three peaks is very simple and can handle myself with it even the youngest fans of the site. Golf Solitaire Pro offers you a few rounds, and each have different distribution of the cards. To move to the next round you have to remove all cards from the board. How do I?

It's very simple. You must turn made cards from the board on the stack located in the lower right corner of the game Golf Solitaire Pro. Cards made in such a way that the stack is placed a card with a mesh greater or smaller than the one currently located at the top of the stack. If the board doesn't have any appropriate tab to click NEXT CARD on the left side of the stack. Simple?

Of course, that simple. Another convenience in this solitaire game is that on the board or the NEXT CARD are called. WILD CARD, the wild card. This card can be placed on any other card, and on it you can put what you want. It is very helpful and encourage you to use wild cards in the game rather than waiting to the last moment.

Helpful in-game Golf Solitaire Pro may be the UNDO button, located in the lower right corner of the screen, which goes back movement, and the MENU button, which can be used as a pause. Although the game Golf Solitaire Pro is not limited in time, so the time you will not run away, but you run away bonus points, which you can see in the upper right corner, just under the Round, which is the number of the board, in which you play now.

It is worth mentioning that in the lower right corner there is a speaker icon, using which you can turn off the sounds in the game, and in the upper left corner is SCORE, the amount of points and the MULTIPLIER, the multiplier points, which is activated when the stack make further card without matching them with the NEXT CARD.

What else is worth mentioning about the game Golf Solitaire Pro? Hmm perhaps I discussed everything and I hope that is clear enough, because I do not want you to have a problem with moving this great game solitaire. Remember one more thing - you will not like to go some rounds then unfortunately you have to start the game again, so try to be careful what forces and to it as folding card - sometimes it's better to lose bonus points and move to the next stage of the game - it is certainly give you more points. And besides, no points are important and great fun, and this for sure I will not miss the game Golf Solitaire Pro.

Golf Solitaire Pro is waiting for you. I hope that you enjoy it and return to us to play in it. I urge you also to play in our other solitaire games - in our extensive collection of solitaires for sure each of you find something for everyone. I recommend strongly!