Golf Solitaire

Rules of solitaire games don’t have to be complicated.
Golf solitaire gives an example. It is a fun game that may be won very quickly. Rules are very simple and you can learn them easily. It is a great way to spend your free time and exercise your mind so just try. The game uses one deck of cards. There are seven piles of five cards each. All cards on the piles are face up. You can move cards that are at the bottom of each pile. There are also two clusters that contain remaining cards. One of them is a stock you take new cards from and the second one is the waste stock. Once you uncover a card from the first stock it goes to the waste pile. The first card uncovers automatically. The goal is to move cards from the seven piles to the waste pile according some rules. The main rule is that you can transfer a card that is one rank lower or higher than the last card on the waste stock (color doesn’t matter). There is an exception- Ace can be put on Twos only. When you run out of cards that can be matched to the last card on the waste stock, you uncover the next card from the covered stock and you start building a new sequence. If you uncover the whole first stock and there are still some cards on the board left, you fail. You win when you manage to use all cards from the seven uncovered piles. The faster you finish, the better player you are. So it is good to remember that when you click the right button or double click, the card will be sent to the waste pile fast. To get great results in Golf solitaire you need to train a lot. Don’t wait and start your training now!