Klondike Solitaire

If you have just started your patience adventure, you should try Klondike solitaire first. It is a good way to train your solitaire skills. The rules of this game are quite simple and you can learn them easily. Many other types of solitaire games are based on Klondike solitaire. You start the game with 100 free points and have 600 seconds to finish. Only one deck of cards is used. There are seven piles of cards- the card on the top of each pile is always face up. When you remove the top card, the next card on the pile will turn over. There are also four empty columns (bases) where you can place clusters of cards that you have created. Each cluster needs to start with Ace. The goal is to arrange cards of the same color from Ace to King on a base- each base is for different color. Before you find the next card to put on a base, you can place uncovered cards on the top cards of each pile in descending order. You must remember to arrange colors alternately. You can move only one card or the whole arrangement if its first card fits any card that is on the top of any pile. It is also allowed to place King or an arrangement starting with King on empty space if you have it. You may get such space if you move all cards from the pile- it is always good to have an empty space because you have a place to put useless cards on. When you find an Ace, you need to place it on one of the empty columns and then you can start building a stack. Every card you place correctly on the stack gives you 10 points. If you manage to uncover all cards on the board, you can be sure you will succeed. You can also get cards from the pile placed in the upper left corner. When you want to shuffle cards in this pile, you lose 110 points. The game finishes automatically when all cards are face up and may be placed on Aces in the correct order. Free klondike solitaire is not a game hard to win so it is good to try and learn the rules. It will surely help you to understand and solve other kinds of patience games.
Have a good fun and good luck!