Miss Milligan solitaire

Miss milligan is a traditional solitaire game, requiring a lot of patience from the Player. In this solitaire two decks of cards are used. Your task is to stack all cards on the double base fields above eight columns. While You start the game, the green board (the table) appears. You can see two rows of empty fields. There is a covered pile of cards on the left. If you click on it, one row of cards will appear and the game will begin. The rules are quite simple. The Player has to put cards in sequences in descending order and alternately by colours (black on red). You have to place Aces on the upper fields and build sequences in ascending order on them. It You can't make another move, click the pile on the left and another row of cards will appear on the table. Under the covered pile there is a number of cards You have left to use. Now You can continue the game. You can take one card at the same time or a column of cards, if they are stacked properly (alternately by colours and in descending order). If an arrangement of the cards is too difficult for You to solve, try another one by pressing the „NEW GAME” button. This solitaire game is very time consuming, so make sure that You have a few hours free from work or any important responsibilities. You can check how much time You've spent trying to solve this solitaire. Just take a look at the timer on the bottom of the board. Good luck!