Online Solitaire

Online Solitaire As far as the solitaire origins are concerned, the solitaire games are probably just as old as the cards themselves. However, today, with the development of technology, we can enjoy playing solitaire online. This particular version is a type of klondike solitaire, already available on our website. The advantages of the online solitaire are attractive interface and the fact that it's user-friendly. On the other hand, there are some minor drawbacks. For example, there is no possibility to set game options. There are always three cards appearing from the covered pile. Usually, the aim of solitaire games is to focus and think everything through carefully. In this version, the additional aim is to earn as many points as possible and get to high score board. Obviously, the rules of solitaire are commonly known, but just to be clear, if someone is not familiar with them or has never played solitaire before, here they are. The cards are arranged in descending order from seven rows to one. The last cards in the rows are uncovered. You goal is to stack cards in four piles, each for one suit, beginning from Ace and ending with King. You can move one or more cards among the rows at the same time. As in many other solitaire games, in this one the Player has to face probability, his own perceptiveness and reflex. It is also a wonderfull opportunity to practice Your memory. What's more, this solitaire can be also used for divination and answering questions. Ask the question when playing. If You succeed, the answer is „yes”, if not, sorry.. Then You can ask more specific questions and search for new answers. All in all, the main question remains the same: will I magane to win this solitaire game? We wish You many positive answers and a lot of fun with the online solitaire!