Pirate Solitaire

Probably you play spider solitaire many times, so if it is your favorite solitaire game - also no doubt you'll like Pirates Solitaire . Pirates Solitaire is based on the classical principle of the disposal of spider solitaire. What are the rules? Such that you need to arrange alternate card colors - black once, and once the red, until when will it all make on special fields which are located in the upper right corner of this solitaire game. 
  In the upper right corner of the screen can only consist of aces, while on the board in Pirates Solitaire you put the cards from king to two. Cards, of course, you translate, so that the visible card you put a card less for her about one point, and of course the opposite color.  
  As you will notice some cards on the board in Pirates Solitaire is buried, so you have to discover them taking with them a card. Also have cards face down on the stack in the left upper corner. From this stack you can choose a card while in playing on the board nothing can be done. Just click on the stack, that there are 3 cards that must be taken sequentially. 
  It is worth to know that sometimes on the board of this solitaire game in a column, there will be no cards. In blank place you cann't add any card, but only a king. So it is a small hindrance of this solitaire game. 
  In the Pirates Solitaire there are not many other options. Only what else I can say that you will find two buttons in the upper right corner - the X is out of this solitaire game, and arrow button to restart the game. Pirates Solitaire is not limited in time, so this is the perfect solution for those who do not like to rush. Cool? I think even very nice. 
  Pirates Solitaire is a very nice solitaire game, for everyone. This solitaire game have a one level, but you can play it as many times as you desire. It is also nice that it has very great graphics. 
  I heartily encourage you to play the Pirates Solitaire , and also to try out our other solitaires. Solitaire games waiting for you. 
  Have a fun pirate!