Power Solitaire

Power Solitaire can be called the dark solitaire, if you look only at Jacks, which is played play a main role. If you tired of the classic solitaire games, which puts the cards from ace to king it is necessary to try to play Power Solitaire . In this solitaire game the highest card is a jack and he is the key to success and positioning the patience. 
 There are many different solitaire games. Today I have for you, solitaire, which will resemble the rules of Klondike solitaire, but not until the end of it is because the game goes on deck from Ace to Jack. Same rules for Power Solitaire , are the same as in the case of Klondike solitaire. 
 To arrange Power Solitaire need to put on the board at each alternating colors of black card - red, red - black. At the top of the screen there are four blank fields on which to place the four aces. Since the game is there is neither king nor a lady, the main card is here and only Jack Jacks (along with cards that are sequentially arranged on it) can be moved in the empty columns, which are on the board. As you can see some cards on the board is covered, and to discover them, you simply move from one card, what does can't be that simple. 
 On board in the Power Solitaire we also have cards placed in the boxes on the left at the bottom. We are there, and lined with three cards next to their pile. With these cards you can use when on the board nothing can be done. But it must be remembered that Power Solitaire doesn't give the possibility to translate the stack and draw cards from scratch. If the cards are arranged into three fields, it is already on the stack does't need to go back and take them in turn as lying. 
 You should also know that the Power Solitaire does not allow reverse movement. Overall Power Solitaire is not time-limited, although in the lower right corner you can see the hourglass, which measures the time, but this is only time which affects the amount of points obtained, ie the faster doing solitaire, the more you get bonus points. Besides the hourglass timer you extra points, which, together with the passage of time decreases. 
 From the technical issues it is worth to know that counter next to the bonus points are two buttons - one with the question mark means help, which also serves as a great pause in the game, and the above does not give you the ability to disable sound in the game. Also worth a look in the upper right corner are scored. 
  Power Solitaire is a game of one-step, and thus fights here on the number of points. The more points you earn, the higher on the list of winners you are. This list can see below that this is the description. I hope that you will like Power Solitaire and you earn enough points to win first place on the list.  Power Solitaire is a really great game.  I wish you a successful fun!