Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is the next game that is worth trying. This kind of patience is quite hard to win. It uses one standard deck of cards. 28 cards build the pyramid and your task is to remove all cards from it. You can move cards in pairs when their total value is 13.That is why Pyramid solitaire is also called Solitaire 13. Only Kings are worth 13 points each and may be removed from the pyramid separately. Ace is worth only 1 point, number cards are worth their face value (for example Two= 2 points), Jacks are worth 11 points and Queens are worth 12 points. That gives you only seven possibilities: King as a single card, Queen and Ace, Jack and 2, 10 and 3, 9 and 4, 8 and 5, 7 and 6. The player places the pairs (or Kings) on a special discard pile. If you run out of pairs in the pyramid, you can collect cards from a stock. All cards on this stock are face down. You are allowed to uncover only one card from the stock at a time. In a situation, when uncovered card doesn’t fit anything, you may drop it and cover it up with the next card from the stock. It may be used later but only when you uncover it again (only cards on the top can be removed). When you uncover all cards from the stock and there are still some cards in the pyramid, the game is finished and you fail. You succeed if you remove all cards from the pyramid. My tip is to consider moves you make carefully. Sometimes is better to leave some cards in the pyramid than to discard them as quick as possible. Don’t give up if you lose. It is really not that simple to win Pyramid solitaire. It needs some experience and patience. Have a good luck!