Ronin solitaire

Ronin solitaire an eastern warrior teaches young recruits in his school. You can gain another levels of initiation by playing this solitaire game. At the beginning You are a Candidate – a little scared, unexperienced boy, getting to know the rules of this solitaire game. Your task is to place all the cards from the uncovered piles on your left in four columns and then in the end sort them by suits beginning with the automatically picked card (Ace, Four or else). If the card from the pile on your left doesn't match to the arrangement, You can pick one from the deck below. This deck can be shuffled only three times during the whole game. To do this, click “SHUFFLE”. However, Ronin doesn't make it easy for You. First of all, this solitaire game is about gaining points for arranging cards. What't more, the Player begins with -50 points. Therefore, to make it zero, you have to score 50 points in the first place. This is not easy, because You get points only if You manage to put a card on the upper target pile. You get fove points for each card. However, unfortunately, you lose 30 points every time You decide to shuffle the deck. The Player's points are shown on the wooden board on the left. If You lose or win, or find yourself in a position, when it is impossible to make a move, You can give up and end the solitaire game, leave school, begin to read a paper or get back to work if your boss has just come in. To make this desperate action, click “CONCEDE” and then “YES”. You can click “NO” if You suddenly change your mind and You will be able to continue from the moment You've chickened out. If You see there is no chance to win with Ronin, or, on the contrary, You are about to win, You can continue on the higher level. If so, click, “DEAL” and then “CONCEDE”. Ronin will begin a new game and your score will appear on the wooden board: “Wins/Losses 1/0 or 0/1 or else, and the number of your points earned during the whole game. You are not doomed to failure when fighting Ronin. Your wise teacher gives you an opportunity to correct your mistakes. If you act carelessly, You can take your move back any number of times by clicking “UNDO” or make the canceled move again by clicking “REDO”. Another important tip: unlike the other solitaire games, this one allows You to put the King on the Ace and Ace on the Two. And don't forget to put the cards alternately by colours: the red ones on the black ones, exept for the upper piles. Playing solitaire with Ronin requires patience, a bit of cleverness and time. However, You have to believe You can win, because it is possible. Good luck!