Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion Solitaire is a quite complicated card game, where You have to place cards in the proper empty spaces on the table. You have to remember the correct order: colour on colour (for the beginners: this means hearts on hearts, spades on spades, diamonds on diamonds and clubs on clubs). The cards have to be stacked in ascending order of the numbers. This solitaire game allows You to move more than one card at the same time, which is very convenient, as thanks to this You can move even whole columns. If You are not able to make another move, You can use some help, which are three spare cards. You will find them in the left down corner of the table. But remember that You can use them only once. In this solitaire You have no possibility to take a move back. Your goal is to stack cards in four piles from King to Ace. To reach it, You have to be very patient and don't get discouraged. You are being timed through the whole game. To ecourage yourself, think of a question. This can really help You to get through this solitaire game and solve it. To start, press „NEW GAME” button. Have fun!