Sheriff Solitaire

Sheriff solitaire is a classic solitaire game, based on simple rules. The Player has to place all the cards from the table on one pile. You can use only these cards, which are one away from the one on the top of the pile. For example, if there is an eight on the pile, you can put seven or nine on it. The Player can put either King or a two on Ace. If you cannot use any of the solitaire cards left on the table, you have to get another card from the pile. You have to use all cards from the table until the cards on the pile expires. Remember though, that your time is limited. The faster You play, the more bonus score You get. There are twenty five levels to complete. To get to the next one, the Player has to complete the previous. If You don't like the music in the background, You can just turn it off by pressing OPTIONS, then TOGGLE SOUND on the top, and finally MENU. To start playing solitaire, press START and then choose a table. The high score will be saved on the producer's web site. Good luck!

If this patience is too crazy for You, try other free solitaire games.