Solitaire games

Spider solitaireplay spider solitaire the most popular solitaire game in the world.
Spider solitaire is claimed to be a harder version of klondike solitaire, but it is definitely more than that. You can choose the number of colours You want to play with. The goal is the same as in other solitaire games: stack cards on piles from King to Ace. You earn points for each solved column. To make it more difficult, Your time is limited: You have only 500 seconds to solve Spider solitaire. Good luck!
Klondike solitairefree klondike solitaire - in this classical game You have to place all the cards in columns from King to the bottom and place it on four decks. You will get Your points for placing all cards on Ace in correct order. But You need to be really fast. This solitaire game have 600 seconds time limit! This is what makes it different and more challenging from other games of this type. Try this unique solitaire game and run against the clock. Good luck!
Freecell solitairefreecell solitaire game is an interesting connection of Klondike and Spider solitaire. In this game we have additional four cells where we can place spare cards. Very cruel punctation plus shortage of time make it really stressful. However, don't give up. Try to concentrate and make a proper use of the free cells. If You plan your moves carefully and as quickly as possible, You have a great chance to solve this solitaire. Don't give up!
Golf solitairegolf solitaire game is interesting solitaire with very easy rules, but easy rules don't make it easy to solve. As in most games of this type, in this one the Player has to stack cards on piles by their numerical value, in ascending or in descending order. The colour doesn't matter, but all cards from the table have to be used. It may seem simple, but it actually is not. To find out why, try to play this interesting solitaire game. Have fun!
Pyramid solitairepyramid solitaire is a specific version of solitaire game, in which the Player has to remove cards from the table. To do this, he has to find two cards that have total value of 13. Your goal is to get rid of all cards from the table. There are some spare cards that You can use, but do it wisely. This solitaire game is not an easy one, but if You just put a little effort in it, You'll see that it's definitely worth trying.
Blitz solitairePlay Blitz 21 solitaire – a game reminding logic puzzle. You have to arrange the cards in the particular way, so that their total in the column or in the row would be twenty one. You get one point for completing every „twenty one”. You get to the next level after gaining at least five points, after the deck ends or after 500 seconds elapses. If you get less than five points, you will not be able to get through to the next level. You will have to start solitaire game over again.
Ronin solitairePlay Ronin solitaire – Feel like a real Ronin warrior. The rules are basically similar to the common solitaire games rules. However, there are some additional details. When fighting with Ronin, the Player gets to the higher levels as long as he wins the battles. If You realize that You have made a mistake, you can take a move back. There is no time limit, so the Player can think his actions carefully and plan them properly.
Sheriff solitaireSheriff solitaire is a sort of free solitaire game with quite simple rules. Your task is to stack cards on a pile. The Player has to use all the cards on the table. Unlike other solitaire games, this one is more dynamic and cheerful. There is even a possibility to save your score on the web site. The game is interesting because it has many levels. When you finish a level, you get to the next one and the fun begins again. Each level is more difficult in this solitaire game.
Gaps solitaireGaps solitaire is a large, a bit time consuming solitaire game, in which whole deck is being used. However, completing it without very thoughtful actions and careful planning is almost impossible. Therefore it is not just another simple card game, but also a strategy game, which requires excellent memory. It is great for the mind training and for the time consumption as well. Enjoy this fabulous, but difficult solitaire game!
Online solitaireOnline solitaire is another klondike type of solitaire game. This particular version of the game has got very nice graphics as well as enjoyable sound effects. It also has quite nice interface. You can look up the solitaire high scores on a special board. There are high scores of the day, of the week and of the month. You have to do your best in this solitaire game to appear on this board. Good luck and have fun!
Fortune solitaireFortune solitaire is a sort of simple card game of this type. Just like in other similar solitaire games, in this one your task is to reorder the deck by suits. You can play this game anytime: during your break, before or after meals. If You don't have much time, chose „easy” level, which can be satisfying too. However, if You are looking for a challenge, go for „hard” level and face it. If You succeed, You will become a real solitaire master. Good luck!
Scorpion solitaireScorpion solitaire is another interesting, though a bit complicated solitaire game, in which the Player has to build four piles in the descending order, from King to Ace. With the beginning of a new game the timing starts. You can see the timer in the left down corner of the table. In this solitaire game the Player can move a few cards from the column at the same time by clicking a mouse. Thanks to this option You can manage to solve this solitaire game a lot faster. When You build up all the piles from King to Ace, You can call yourself a winner!
Miss MilliganMiss Milligan is a solitaire game for patient and enduring players. It is similar to other games of this type, but has simplier rules, which make it a lot easier than classic solitaire. It is fun to play, so You definitely won't be bored. Try it! Play Miss milligan and solve solitaire again. This time in very original and challenging version. It it seems too hard for You, don't give up, just start a new game and try again. Good luck!
Beleaguered castleBeleaguered Castle is another difficult solitaire game, requiring a lot of patience and excellent concentration. Just like in other games of this type, in this one Your goal is to reorder cards by decks in four piles from Ace to King in ascending order. What makes it different from other solitare games is that You have to put cards of lower value on those of higher value, but regardless of their colour. Have fun!
King Albert SolitaireKing Albert Solitaire is an interesting and relaxing klondike type of solitaire game. There is an „undo” option, which can be very convenient. You can use it any number of times. There are also spare cards, placed above the columns, which can be used if You are not able to make another move. In this particular solitaire game one thing is new: You can move only the last uncovered card in the column. The game ends when You manage to stack all the cards in four piles from Ace to King: Ace, two, three.. Have fun and good luck!
TriPeaks Reserve TriPeaks Reserve TriPeaks is one of the most popular solitaire variations. This is a very simple type of solitaire, where you have to choose a card less than or greater than that which currently is on the stack. Today we have the opportunity to present to you TriPeaks Reserve. I hope that TriPeaks Reserve solitaire will fall to you to taste and you will be happy to return to play in it with us. I wish you great fun!
Frantic Farm Solitaire Frantic Farm Solitaire Frantic Farm Solitaire - Great solitaire not only for farmers. If you want to look at something completely new come and play Frantic Farm Solitaire. This is a perfect game for you. You do not need to know any special rules - just count to 11, it’s all in this game to remove cards from the board. Frantic Farm Solitaire is a very simple solitaire and I hope You will like it. Take a mouse in your hands and help lay farmer Frantic.
Ancient Civilizations Solitaire Ancient Civilizations Solitaire is our new solitaire which we prepared for you. This is a solitaire with a very simple principles, but - as you'll see - it isn’t so easy to pass. In this solitaire game useful is the ability to count to 13, because here that the cards will be removed from the board, their sum must be at the 13. In fact counts to 13 is very simple but it isn’t everything - also you have to got proper playing cards, because without them - unfortunately - you can doing nothing. I think that you will like Ancient Civilizations Solitaire and you recommend it to your friends. I wish you great fun!
Forty Thieves Solitaire Forty Thieves Solitaire interesting solitaire game where we must play with two decks of cards, so we have 104 cards to use and we must build not four but eight stacks. Forty Thieves Solitaire rules are very simple, but all the game Forty Thieves Solitaire is not a simple game. Even this solitaire game is very difficult - you can have very good fun and you have got the opportunity to learn - how to play solitaire. This solitaire will certainly appeal to more experienced players, but those less experienced players also should have a great fun with this game. Have fun!
Tri Peaks Solitaire Tri Peaks Solitaire one of the most popular version of solitaire games. Here you don’t have to do anything beyond picking cards, which are a notch less or greater than card which is currently on the stack. So, you can see that Tri Peaks Solitaire is a very simple solitaire, which makes that a lot of people of all ages playing on it. So if you have a spare moment I welcome you to have great fun with us. Tri Peaks Solitaire is waiting for you - pick up the mouse and have fun!
Power Solitaire Power Solitaire dark solitaire, which will engage you for hours. If you want to try something new, it is necessary to play Power Solitaire . In this solitaire game, this is not a standard deck of playing cards from Ace to King, but Ace to Jack. Thus, we have got fewer cards, but so much fun. At the beginning of solitaire game, this may cause a few problems, but I'm sure that the date of the council. I hope that Power Solitaire will fall to you to taste and you'll be great fun. Highly recommended! 
Duet Solitaire Duet Solitaire is an extremely simple solitaire, where your task is combine in pairs the cards that are on the board. It's very simple - you are looking for two cards of the same value, click on one, then click on another card and next those cards disappear from the board. When all the cards are removed from the board – you go to the next stage of the game Duet Solitaire . So you can see that this game is very simple. I wish you good luck!
Pirates Solitaire Pirates Solitaire is a solitaire for large and small. The rules of this solitaire are like to the spider solitaire rules, so you have put colors on the alternating card. From King to Two, and aces put in a specially designated place in the top right corner of the screen.  Pirates Solitaire is a really fantastic solitaire game, even the remarkable image, taken from the movie straight about pirates. If you have a fairly ordinary cards, here you will find this in pirated images. Interesting? I think that really - that's why I strongly encourage you to have fun with us.  Pirates Solitaire is waiting for you. 
Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe is a classic solitaire three peaks game, which have to pass several interesting charts. Each board is another set of cards and of course - each new board is more difficult then old board. Cardmania Tripeaks solitaire Deluxe is one of the easiest solitaire games and despite the fact that each of the panels is limited in time. I highly recommend this solitaire game all fans of our website.  Cardmania Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe is really great game! Click and play it with us.
Duchess Tripeaks Duchess Tripeaks is another type of TriPeaks solitaire game. Solitaires of this type are characterized by the fact that they are very simple, and so is ideal for beginners. Tripeaks Solitaire are also loved by advanced players. Many devotees solitaires just liked this version the most, and not a classic spider. Duchess Tripeaks has several boards, and so awaits you lots of great fun. I hope that it will fall to you to taste. I wish you a successful fun:)
Golf Solitaire Pro Golf Solitaire Pro this is another excellent solitaire version of three peaks. This time we move to a golf course, where we will not drive a ball into the hole and lay solitaire. Golf Solitaire Pro is a game that is sure to appeal to children, because the three peaks is a very simple version of solitaire, which consists of folding tab on the stack in the order below - a notch higher than that which currently is at the top of the stack. In addition, Golf Solitaire Pro features an excellent graphics and is not limited in time! An excellent solitaire for all those who play primarily for fun, not for being the best, though, and here you can write to the list of winners.
Golf Solitaire Pro Switchback Solitaire this rather unusual game of solitaire and it is not every day encountered, but it's really great and it is worth playing even for the comparison with other solitaire games. How to play Switchback Solitaire is quite unusual, because at stake is not made up of cards from Ace to King, in a completely different order - as already tell a jiffy. Switchback Solitaire is a solitaire game belongs to the group of the more difficult games, but I believe that each of you handled it very well handle it. If you love playing solitaire necessarily have to play the Switchback Solitaire.
tripeakz Tripeakz is a classic solitaire three peaks, in a very colorful installment. This game solitaire presented creators known games Bubblez and Clusterz, so if ever you played in those games bubble is familiar atmosphere, and for sure you will be satisfied. Tripeakz Solitaire is fun for people of all ages. It is also the simplest type of solitaire games, so for sure you will not have any problems with the transition just of that game. So grab your mouse and start playing - I guarantee that it will be excellent!

Solitaire (also known as patience or solitare) is a very popular game which requires one or more card decks. The exact genesis of the solitaire game has not been known yet. There are no certain sources which we can get some information from. However, it is believed that solitaire was born short after playing cards had been invented. It is also considered that solitaire may have connections with cabbala (a kind of simple fortune- telling). There are many types of the game (according to some sources there are even 1500 different types). The oldest kinds of solitaire are ‘Grandfather’s patience’ and ‘Sir Tommy’. Playing patience was very common in France in the XVIIth century. It was a game played by the upper class. Some people believe that Napoleon used to play solitaire in his exile at Saint Helena but this information has not been confirmed so far. It is more likely that Bonaparte enjoyed playing other games, such as Whist. However, many kinds of patience have names connected with Napoleon. During the Napoleonic Wars solitaire spread all over the Europe. It has become one of the most popular pastimes for many people. English prince Albert was a big fan of patience. In the XIXth century first books about solitaire rules appeared. A great advantage of solitaire games is that you don’t need anybody to play. You don’t have to look for somebody who would like to play with you so you save your time. Many years ago this game was meant for two or more people. The person who finished the game first (collected cards in a correct order) was the winner. But as solitaire evolved it became a game for one. The main rule of all solitary games is to put cards in the right order that is characteristic for the chosen kind of game. To play solitaire you must be patient (the name ‘patience’ confirms that) and you should be focused on the game. That is why playing patience is a great way to develop your skills of concentration. It is also a good way to spend your free time and relax. Playing patience may help you to develop some skills, such as focusing on one subject and the ability of perceptiveness. Some kinds of solitaire games require your skills, other types have an element of chance. In many types of the game it is important to have a bit of good luck. There is always an element of surprise. You can find games that are very simple and even a child could win them but there are also types which are very hard to solve.