Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular solitaire games at the moment. It is told to be the king of patience games. Classic solitaire is another name of this kind of patience. It is also believed that Spider solitaire was the favourite game of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The secret of its popularity is probably the fact that Microsoft has added Spider solitaire to Windows as a free game. This kind of solitaire game may giveyou a lot of fun. All you have to do is to learn some rules. Online spider solitaire is told to be a harder version of Klondike solitaire. In this kind of solitaire the player has the right to decide how many colours to choose. There is a possibility to play spider solitaire with one, two, or four colours. The object of the game is to arrange all cards in the order from King to Ace. The problem is that you have only 500 seconds. You start the game with 500 points and every move you make costs you one point. That is why it is important to consider every move carefully- the more cards you move together, the more points you save. If you like solving more difficult problems, you can choose an option of arranging colours alternate. No matter which version you choose, you need to sort cards in decreasing sequence. There are 10 piles of cards and each of them has a card that is face up on the top. It is good to create at least one empty column- if you do it, your chance of winning increases. When you manage to arrange one cluster of cards from King to Ace, it is automatically moved to one of the eight empty columns below. In this situation you get 399 points. When there is lack of possibilities to move cards, you need to randomize cards from the deck in the lower left corner. This is when the Spider appears and covers your arrangement with new cards at random. The task for you is to “clean it all up” using new cards. You succeed if you manage to fill all empty columns down the chart. Remember that you are limited by the time- the game is finished whet the time passes. If you don’t fill empty columns or exceed the time, you fail and the Spider wins.
Don’t wait, think and defeat the Spider! Have a lot of fun playing our free spider solitaire game!