Tri Peaks Solitaire

Tri Peaks Solitaire is a very fast and easy solitaire game, which is ideal for children and adults. With the Tri Peaks Solitaire game, you can get away for a moment from work or study and get carried away with a great play in the virtual world. Starting the game Tri Peaks Solitaire, we can see the words “Click to play” - click on it, and then select the options Game A-type which is easy game or Game B-type which is hard game. If you decide in which type of game you want to play, click on it and enjoy the great fun.

When the Tri Peaks Solitaire is distributed on the bottom of the screen you will see three tabs, the first card from the left is face down, next card is face-center, this card we will serve to build a stack of cards from the table and the third card is a Wildecard, this is emergency card which is something like the Joker in different types of card games. Wildecard can be used only once at the time when we haven’t got any traffic. We can putting Wildecard on the stack on any card, also any card we can lay on Wildecard.

Unlike other games of this type in Tri Peaks Solitaire we don’t have to move tabs by dragging them with the mouse, but just click on the selected card and she quickly finds herself in the right place on our stack. This feature is very useful especially in the Tri Peaks Solitaire game where every second is important.

The rules of the game Tri Peaks Solitaire are simple. We mist arrange the cards on the stack in the order of a higher or a lower value on the card lying on the base. At Ace we can put a "king" or "2". In this way we play to the end, we have the full 3 minutes. Upon completion of solitaire before time, the clock stops and we get bonus points. Also when we completion solitaire we go to the next round with the remaining time. At the end of the game Tri Peaks Solitaire you can see text “Main menu”, so if you want to play new game click on it.

We talked about a time so where I can see it? Time in the game Tri Peaks Solitaire you can see in the upper right corner. Following the left you can see: the number of moves which you made, level, in which you play, and the amount of points.

I hope that everything is clear and you will be great fun with the game Tri Peaks Solitaire. I also recommend you other our solitaire games, because not only the Tri Peaks Solitaire is a great game that can be found on our website. Have a great fun!