TriPeaks Reserve

TriPeaks Reserve is a great solitaire game for both youth and adults.Games like solitaire learn us some kind of patience and concentration. If you want to play TriPeaks Reserve, you don't have to know rules of the classic solitaire. The only thing, you have to know is what card is lower and what is higher than card which is on the stock. Rules of TriPeaks Reserve are very easy. The cards are arranged in the shape of three pyramids or some kind of castle. If you can't do nothing with those cards, there are also some cards down on the left side, which you can get any way you want. When You start the game, there's nothing on the table, so you can put any card (which is face-up and isn't blocked), just click on it. Then you can do it once again, using every card which is lower or higher (and it's available). That's all the game. Playing TriPeaks Reserve you have so much time, as you need to play, but you can get some extra points by playing faster. If you don't care about bonuses, you can play as long as you want just for your pleasure. There are also some technical issues, that you should know. Up on the right you can see your current level. Up on the left you can see a menu and a button, which turns off sound. Down on the left there are your points and bonus. On the right you can see an Undo button and amount of cards that left. There is also a surprise, when you turned over all the cards, but you must check it by yourself! I hope that you will like TriPeaks Reserve and you will play it very often with a great pleasure. The solitaire game consists of many levels, so you will spend with it long hours. It's really great game, you can forget about your trouble and just play. Moreover, it has a great design, which is also very interesting and encouraging. If you don't like this game so much, you can try some different, which are available on our site. Have a nice time with TriPeaks Reserve game!