Game Tripeakz classic principles prevail , and so have here put on the stack the tabs of boards in such a way that laid on a pile card was a notch less than or greater than that which is currently located at the stake. Simple ? Of course it is , because it is the main feature three peaks solitaire games .

Solitaire Tripeakz is cool not only because it is simple, but also because it has an interesting and eye-catching graphics, and because there is no time limit. To move in a game of solitaire Tripeakz have a dozen boards and none of them is time-limited .

Moreover, in this solitaire game you have something such as that temporarily lose or have finished a game that does not have all the missions later start from scratch , and just from playing this mission , in which you failed. This works but only if you 're playing on the same computer , by the same browser and you have enabled cookies in it !

It is worth mentioning that in this solitaire game you have the ability to use wild cards that allow you to position them any card . Wild cards can be found in the lower left corner of the screen next to the stack of cards from which you can draw cards when with those of the board nothing can be arranged . Number of wild cards is limited! It also happens that a wild card can be found on the board - they are yellow and have drawn on a large the letter .